Evan Kelly



Professional Land Surveyor, Principal


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·     More than 17 years of land surveying experience.
·     3D terrestrial remote scanning and point cloud creation
·     FAA Part 107 Certified
·     Aerial mapping
·     ALTA surveys, boundary surveys, and easement drawings
·     Mortgage surveys and legal descriptions
·     Topographic surveys and volume calculations
·     Maryland Landfill As-builts
·     Trimble Business Center Power User
·     Associates degree in Land Surveying from CCBC

Drone Aerial Mapping

Photogrammetry and aerial photography can can be a new perspective on your project or event. Mr. Kelly has experience flying construction sites, power plants, warehouse/distribution buildings and schools. Drones are able to capture data for topographic surfaces, 3D modeling, inspections and much more. As an experienced photographer Mr. Kelly also collect aerial photos for real estate, weddings, and site progress.

3D Scanning

3D terrestrial scanning and mapping requires highly advanced equipment capable of capturing millions of points and a trained expert in reducing and evaluating the information to create 3D modeling. We use a Trimble SX10 scanner and have completed extra training and certifications through Trimble at their manufacturing and testing facility in Dayton, Ohio. We also belong to beta testing groups with the developers to help improve the equipment they provide and enhance the software we use. Mr. Kelly has completed projects including scanning the entire Muddy Run dam and canal in Drumore Pa, and scanning the interior of the National Air and Space Museum in DC for the new renovations. Projects also include scanning for Architects, monitoring projects and ADA compliance.

Scanning is also a great way to create highly detailed 3D environments in graphic applications such as Epic's Unreal Engine which allows for seamless import of our scanned data. Ideal for realistic VR experiences or creating real life location based environments in video games or movies.
Unreal Engine

Image of a point cloud