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Why we survey
A property line isn't just a line, it is the beginning of your investment. A proper survey identifies where the lot started, who previously invested in it and its potential. As surveyors, our goal is to interpret the records and recreate what was originally determined. We believe providing clarity in the work we perform is key to peace of mind toward your investment.

Lot Surveys

Knowing Your Exact Lot Lines Can Help You Make The Right Decision For Your Project or Help Resolve a Conflict

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3D Surveying & Mapping

Surveying is more than just recreating boundary lines, it can include monitoring movement, creating 3D models, capturing data from the sky and more. We complete these tasks with a high level of accuracy and certify it when necessary. We are FAA certified and all work is overseen by a professional surveyor so you are confident that it is correct and accurate.

Our experience

Not Just Boundaries

Rock Run Surveys grasp new trends in engineering, mapping and surveying. This is how we help you plan, design and build better.

We offer the following services:

Boundary & Lot Surveys
Metes and Bounds Descriptions
Location Surveys
FEMA Elevation Certifications
3D Terrestrial Scanning
Aerial Drone Mapping
Topographic Surveys
As-built Surveys
Photo Ground Control
Construction Stakeout
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